Conference: “Dissemination in Medicine Today”, Belluno 18/09

Conference: “Dissemination in Medicine Today”, Belluno 18/09

On 18 September 2018 The first public release of Med4Care was held in Belluno, which promoted the conference: “Dissemination in medicine today”.

Presentation of the evening

Dr. Tommaso Carniel, nurse from Feltre, did the introductory honors for the evening.

Dr. Tommaso Carniel

Afterwards, Dr. Marco De Nardin, director of Med4Care, presented the program of the meeting and introduced the information dissemination project  of Med4Care: “in a panorama marked by the uncontested dissemination of non-professional information in the medical-scientific field, Med4Care wants to be a professional response in the sense of information-clinical and at the same time cutting edge and effective in the mastery and use of modern informational tools “.

Dr. Marco De Nardin

The participants then took part in workshops wherein they were able to touch and “live” in a direct way the world of scientific dissemination of Med4Care.

Workshop1. The basics of communication: How to face the public

In the first workshop, Dr. Erica Astolfi, PR Marketing Director of Med4Care, taught participants the basic techniques of communication, starting from the method of approach, the words to be used and through non-verbal language.

In a television set specially created during the event, she moved from theoretical explanations to more strictly practical ones, giving advice and suggestions to “pierce the video”.

Workshop 2. Chack: Your turn!

In the following workshop, the participants were able to test themselves in front of the camera, recording a small video greeting of their presence during the evening. After some initial bloopers, it became an opportunity to have fun getting involved and discovering how empowering it is to be able to say something in front of the audience.

Workshop 3. Relapse clinics of communication: how to deal with the problem of incontinence in the clinic

Dr. Giulia Fornasier, a midwife specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation, dealt with the topic of good communication with the patient who experiences clinical relapses: in regards to improving communication, on non-verbal aspects of dialogue, about how empathy makes it easier to get in touch with the patient who has an issue which he/she is ashamed of, unwilling to tell, which makes him feel vulnerable to the eyes of others. Dr. Fornasier further explains that the problem of incontinence, underestimated and undervalued, can be told, addressed and solved.

Workshop 4. Multimedia workstations: discovering the dissemination tools

The multimedia stations have been set up to let the participants know more about popular tools: a website, a youtube channel, a facebook page and the like.

Workshop 5. Gastronomic path: food as nutritious and first drug for prevention

As in all the conferences, you can’t skip over the classic recreational moment for the palate, which was, however, also revisited in an informational manner.


Dr. Eugenia Andrian

The nutritionist biologist Eugenia Andrian has accompanied us in 4 different gastronomic itineraries to discover innovative combinations:

  • anti-inflammatory: rice with turmeric, onion and pumpkin seeds;
  • anti-age: cheesecake-fit with yogurt and berries
  • bowel health: barley with mushrooms and red roots;
  • energy: homemade bars with oat flakes, dates and dried fruit

With a simple but engaging presentation we understood how each dish has its own specific effect and should be taken according to our personal needs or when we are living, according to our needs..

Relapses in the clinic: how general medicine changes its prevention strategies

Back in plenary session, Dr. Trevisan, a general practitioner and writer, has shown us how the informative mediums, videos and scientific articles help him to spread in his patients the topics that are most dear to him and also to his patients.

Dr. Daniele Trevisan

After the ritual greetings the evening ends with a big goodbye to the next Med4Care event, on November 29th in Spresiano (TV)!

Click on the video to see the trailer of the evening:


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