Coronavirus 2019: therapeutic goals

Coronavirus 2019: therapeutic goals

Therapies: How do you kill the Coronavirus?

Use of antivirals

In various countries of the world, people infected with the virus, in particular the most serious ones, are undergoing tests with combinations of drugs used in HIV and flu virus therapy.

In Thailand

The combination of lopinavir / ritonavir with an anti-flu drug (oseltamivir) at high doses was used. The treatment allowed the improvement of the patients.

In China

On February 5, the Chinese TV CGTN reported that preliminary tests have shown that the virus can be neutralized in vitro by the two antiviral drugs Abidol and Darunavir. On the other hand, the drug Kelizhi, an anti-HIV medicine, has little effect in treatment.

In Italy

The two patients undergoing intensive care at the Spallanzani center were treated with experimental antiviral therapy based on lopinavir / ritonavir, an anti-HIV drug, and remdesivir, an anti-flu drug.


What is the limit of these therapies?

These are primarily experimental and not available on a large scale. They have been used only in acute and severe cases precisely because in these cases the risk/benefit ratio is favorable; it is not advisable to use them in less severe patients because the harmlessness of the combination of drugs has not yet been proven. Moreover, the side effects, in less severe patients, can outweigh the benefits. Lastly, these are particularly expensive drugs and are products on a very limited scale, so they could not be used on a large scale given the currently limited production.


The vaccine: How do you prevent Coronavirus infection?

Many teams are at work in creating a vaccine which is the definitive therapy to eradicate the infection. Click here to know more about the vaccine!

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