Coronavirus: it’s officially pandemic

Coronavirus: it’s officially pandemic

The World Health Organization has officially assigned to Coronavirus the status of PANDEMIC on the 11th of March 2020.

What does this statement imply? Let’s find out together.



One of the first immediate changes is the fact that the WHO can immediately release a large amount of money that is set aside for this type of situation.

These dedicated funds will be used to reimburse any expenses incurred directly by the states because of the ongoing infection, such as purchasing the necessary devices, i.e. masks, PPE (personal protective equipment), fans, beds, etc.


The WHO will now have the opportunity to issue directives and autonomously decide to send extra medical help to the most affected states, as it has already done in China, Italy and Iran, to manage a coordinated battle against this common enemy.



The psychological impact, as well as the economical, that this declaration constitutes is not negligible. This is especially true for all those who underestimated this situation, be they nations, regions or even ordinary people.

A few days ago, many colleagues of the health sector were still trying to reduce the importance of the virus, and persisted in defending their position, since when we had already started talking about significant containment measures in Italy.

Finally, the WHO itself has decided to be true to itself in making a statement as late as coveted.

But it is never too late.

We finally took the only decision left to stem the problem.


Med4Care Marco De Nardin

Marco De Nardin, MD

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