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We present a mini-series in installments dedicated to the discovery of mushrooms in relation to  the delicate balance of human health. Autumn delight, mushrooms have always been the subject of stories, anecdotes, curiosities. Source of delicacy or danger, they offer us the opportunity in autumn to give voice to our different professionals who, each in his specific competence, will help us to know them better.

We begin our journey with some childhood memories: many of us grew up reading the stories of Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino. In one of them the mushrooms make an unexpected appearance in the city. Click on the link below to re-think how the unexpected collection ended!

Una raccolta… inaspettata!


To avoid unpleasant health surprises, how do we prepare and store them? It will be the Dr. M. Fregnan, nurse and cook, to suggest the best methods to maintain the properties and nutritional value of mushrooms. (content outgoing from mid-November)

Finally, it will be our nurse-chef, dr. M. Fregnan, to remove the work suit and wear the chef’s uniform to reveal the secret tricks and the best recipes to make the most of the nutritional properties of the mushrooms (content released in mid-November).

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Dr. M. De Nardin