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We present to you the Care family!

In this Easter season, we’d love to introduce you to the Care family, borne from the mind of Dr. Marco De Nardin the heart of Dr. Erica Astolfi Why precisely this choice? The Care family represents the typical Italian family with whom we can all relate to. Their needs...

The new headquarters of Med4Care!

Yes, we have a home! It is still to be furnished, but let us show you a preview! They are located in Spresiano (TV), in via Galvani 6H, which is just right for us! As you can see in the map above, it consists of 4 rooms of which one entrance hall and three independent...

Welcome to Med4care

Med4Care is a professional association that has a purpose: SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION on current issues, basic medical knowledge, hygiene, health culture; FORMATIVE INFORMATION towards healthcare staff and non-healthcare individuals; OF DIRECT CARE OF THE PERSON, through...