Midwife life # 2: AAA personal midwife sought

Midwife life # 2: AAA personal midwife sought

It’s 7.00, the alarm has just sounded and while I try to reconnect to the world lazily, I go back to bed. Were could my cellphone be? I was with a mother near the end of pregnancy yesterday: she had contractions but she did not seem convinced of giving birth. Let’s see if there is any news. Finally I find it, my phone – I found my peace on earth. Who knows what’s in for tonight?

Menu … .WhatsApp … .Bingo !!!!

“Hello Giulia, we wanted to tell you that Veronica was delivered safely last night! Elisa, the mother, and the little angel are fine. We are so happy and grateful with all of our hearts for the everything you have given to help us. “

Read: when the good morning is seen in the morning! Every time I get these kinds of messages as soon as I wake up, I imagine myself as a joyful sunflower!

Oh, I can’t count the ways how marvelous my profession is!

“The way we entered life is the main factor in how we live it” (Nathanielsz)

Mothers are not the only ones responsible for the health of their children, but each of us, the whole society, should aim at the well-being of women and the conceived child during pregnancy, to ensure our future generations’ health. The midwives help a lot: they see miracles immediately, helping life to spring forth a joy of light.


And I am among those who do this marvelous work, that in the face of the majesty of life and the fascination of conception I feel the missionary nature of my obstetric vocation and my ability to empathize, to untangle knots, to ensure that mothers leave their fears, enter into communication with the essence of their being and let themselves flow with the oxytocin contractions to the endorphins height of pregnancy and childbirth.

Did you know that oxytocin, a hormone responsible for painful contractions during childbirth, is also the same hormone released during a hug, a kiss, a sexual relationship, an orgasm? The oxytocinic contractions are nothing but waves of love!

A perineum that does not let itself be go beyond pain is a perineum that does not create resistance, the ones that bloom submits to the pain thus letting itself be “born”.

Giving birth without lacerations is possible, the journey is long though: it requires faith, you need to listen, you need the courage to change and be guided; it requires the will write a new chapter, to forgive and let go of the past. Simply put, you need a midwife, the one who assists, who stands with you.

I smile while sipping my coffee.

Awesome moms!


The power of love, however, is always disarming than any other; oftentimes, two hours done right before delivery, is enough to induce endogenous oxytocin: is not it, Elisa?


Dr. Giulia Fornasier, midwife

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