The mycologist and mycological centers: prevention at the service of citizens

The mycologist and mycological centers: prevention at the service of citizens

Who is the mycologist?

A mycologist is an official mushroom expert who knows the species, properties and dangers related to mushrooms. A mycologist can identify, with certainty, the edible mushroom species from those that are not edible or poisonous.


What does the mycologist do?
A mycologist works at the mycological centers of the ASL where he provides services to the public:
  • analyzes the complete batch of mushrooms picked by private citizens;
  • gives guarantee on those edible and well preserved;
  • provides advice for storage and cooking;
  • organizes permits for the collection of mushrooms for citizenship;
  • certifies on behalf of the ASL the mushrooms that must be placed on the market by the producing companies;
  • is called at the hospitals as an expert if there is mushroom poisoning, to identify the mushrooms involved, raw or cooked, and to be able to communicate it to the poison control center, thus collaborating in optimizing the antitoxin therapy.
A mycologist works in private companies in the food sector that deal with the processing and packaging of wild mushrooms:
  • takes care of training in companies by holding staff training courses;
  • carries out a quality control of the harvest;
  • contributes to the improvement of the company production process


How do you become a mycologist?

To obtain the certificate of “mycologist” you must attend a regional course and then pass the final exam. The candidate who passes the exam is registered in the regional register of mycologists which is an official register that allows the exercise of mycologist activity both at the ASL and at private companies.

Dott. Marco De Nardin

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