Virus from China: The Current State (28/01 Updates)

Virus from China: The Current State (28/01 Updates)

Here is the latest update about the Coronavirus epidemic situation.

Relevant News as of 28/01/2020

Communications are currently multiplying about the virus spreading in China. What is its current state? Here are the most relevant news at present.

  • Two days ago the Chinese president stated on television about the situation getting serious and that he is hoping China will be able to defeat the virus.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has reviewed its position. (further information in the section below)
  • The virus is still prevalent mainly in the Wuhan region, however, new cases have also been reported in a few other Chinese regions.
  • Currently, 100 victims have been recognized out of approximately 4,000 infected individuals in China.
  • The first case of an infected patient has been reported in Vietnam, which did NOT travel from China, but has been infected locally.
  • It has been ascertained that the virus can be transmitted before any symptoms appear. The average incubation period appears to be approximately 10 days.
  • In Chinese regions where restrictions of movement are in place, such limits have also been extended to private cars.
  • China has banned animal trade and extended the Lunar New Year holidays to further limit the population’s movements.

Current estimated spread of the virus:

CountryKnown infectionsDeathsSuspected infections
China – Wuhan City1500763000
China – Hubei ?1THOUSANDS
China – Heilongjiang?1?
China – Shanghai?1?
China – total450080THOUSANDS
Hong Kong80Dozens
Infection’s Symptoms

We remind you that the symptoms of this virus are similar to those of other human coronaviruses, such as:

  • High temperature
  • cough
  • colds
  • Sore throat

In a more serious case, there would be a widespread infection of the patient’s lungs with consequent pneumonia which can be fatal.

At present, China’s mortality rate stands at 2.8% of the total infected population.



No precise data is yet available. It seems that 14 days can be considered as the maximum potential incubation period, however, it is likely to be about 10 days. It is now certain that an infected person is able to infect others even before symptoms appear.


The Official Position of the World Health Organization (WHO)

The new official position of the World Health Organization has changed: While the threat of this epidemic was once considered “moderate” it is now considered “high”. The decision not to consider coronavirus as an international public health concern remains unchanged.


Measures Taken

China recently implemented a movement restriction for the population of the areas affected by the virus.

Other countries have set up checks in the main airports by establishing specific corridors of control, particularly dedicated to measuring body temperature.



There are still no specific therapies against the virus, it is generally recommended to:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, especially with mineral salts.
  • Take medications to fight symptoms such as anti-inflammatory and analgesics.
  • Follow individual preventive measures.
  • Avoid physical contact with infected individuals as much as possible.
  • Use available methods of protection – Wear protective masks if visiting crowded places or people at risk.


The Vaccine

Research teams from Russia and Australia are working on a specific vaccine, which would be available in a few months.


Our team at Med4Care carefully keeps an eye on this evolving situation and we will give you further updates soon.

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