Vita di ostetrica #1: camice e via, si parte!

Vita di ostetrica #1: camice e via, si parte!

It’s friday, I just arrived at the clinic and judging from the list of my new patients, surely, I’ll stay late. When I meet them for the first time, these women often portray a sad look like someone who has lost something, is losing something, or is afraid of losing something: femininity, independence, love, self-esteem. It will be hard, because the usual concerns about the symptoms stem from intimate dilemmas, painful stories and aching wounds.

These women exhibit both a fascinating and curious perineum. On one hand a patient can give me an idea of the problem on the other, during a gynecological examination, her soul’s present and past unravels.

I think about Viviana, a super career woman who at 35 years while receiving attention from her family has begun to be incontinent. Then my thoughts turn to Sara, a long-time runner, whose athletic perineum, though vigorous is completely silenced by a conflictual relationship, without love.

And then Monica, who after years of recurrent vaginosis, has finally managed to experience her first month of peace of mind, also intimately. And let’s talk about Giulia’s relief who experienced vulvodynia a menopausal gift, remedied by working with our gynecologist.

It’s a long day, I know. Who knows what will happen today? Will I be able to weave these intricate fabrics? Will my voice echo in their hearts? Just in time to turn on the computer, put on my gown and off we go!

Dr. ssa Giulia Fornasier

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