We present to you the Care family!

We present to you the Care family!

In this Easter season, we’d love to introduce you to the Care family, borne from the mind of Dr. Marco De Nardin the heart of Dr. Erica Astolfi

Why precisely this choice?

The Care family represents the typical Italian family with whom we can all relate to. Their needs vary from common needs to multi-faceted needs: To live a healthy life safe from danger, eat healthy and natural food, solve everyday problems, rejuvenate the body, the mind, and health!

The origin of their surname

You may wonder why a non-Italian surname identifies an Italian family. Uhm, it’s a long story!

Anyhow, here is a quick background story:

Grandpa Care is an American and he met Grandma in our magnificent country when he traveled to Italy in the 70s. Their story is a romantic and compelling one but we won’t spoil the excitement yet, we’ll reserve that for some time in the future. Meanwhile, we can reveal that Venice is the place where their love story blossomed. They adore Venice so much that after so many years, they visited Venice again as tourists and, they asked some random photographer passing by the ponte dell’Academia to immortalize that beautiful moment through a lovely photo!

What are the specific names of each member of the Care family?

This, we will let you decide! The Care family is a reality where each of us can see a mirror image of ourselves – to whom we could relate to. So, we invite everyone who would like to contribute their ideas to engage with us and help us to make the family grow! Every week, starting from the next, we will ask you through a survey, to express your suggested name(s) for each family member. In this way, we’ll have the community’s support us in telling the story!

Stay tuned and help us surprise you!

Happy Easter 2019!

The Med4Care Staff

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