Percentage distribution of Coronavirus cases

Percentage distribution of Coronavirus cases

The percentage distribution of Coronavirus cases is beginning to emerge in more precise terms.

When we described the three different typical clinical pictures, namely cases A, B, C, we were unable to establish the precise proportions of each of the patients.


To date, however, the trend seems to emerge, as regards the Italian population, to a constancy of the epidemiological data of the quantity of critically ill patients, that is, of type C. Since it seems that the type A patients, asymptomatic, are around 80 %, based on the quantity of swabs made, the percentages are roughly outlined as follows:

Case A80
Case B10
Case C10

The distribution is unbalanced at the extremes, given that there are very few intermediate cases, type B, that is, symptomatic, most of asymptomatic cases but a large amount of CRITICAL cases compared to other similar diseases.


With respect to other viral pathologies, such as influenza, there is a big difference in the distribution of the number of infected subjects: in fact in the case of influenza most of the subjects fall into type B, i.e. all or almost all patients they present significant although not so serious symptoms. The percentage of critical subjects during an influenza rarely exceeds 0.5% of the total number of infected, while with this virus the figure seems to multiply almost up to 20 times.

Case A19%
Case B80%
Case C1%




Med4Care Marco De Nardin

Dr. Marco De Nardin, M.D., [Anesthesiologist, Critical Care Doctor]




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