Scientific Journals

Scientific Journals

Scientific journals are highly specialized journals which publish only scientific studies.



The Scientific Study

A scientific study is a written work, carried out by experts in the field, which tries to demonstrate hypotheses in a reproducible way.


Types of scientific journals

Scientific journals are generally specialized on a particular topic. Let’s take some examples:

Each scientific journal specializes in one sector, or particular branch.



How are scientific journals structured?

Scientific journals have a publisher and editorial staff like newspapers. They also have a scientific commission which is responsible for evaluating the various articles that are submitted by the various authors for publication.

Most scientific journals carefully analyze the published contents, submitting them to a scientific commission that proves their validity and, therefore, can only be a good guarantee of information quality, reliability. Specialized journals have a “score”, called impact factor, which identifies their scientific value. The higher the score, the more difficult it is for authors to publish in the magazine, because there is a lot of competition among the authors to publish in the most popular magazines.

The scientific articles are collected in some specialized search engines, the best known of which is Pubmed, a precious source also used by specialists and accessible to anyone who wishes to inquire more specifically.

What, however, is important to consider, are the number and objectivity of the evidence in favor of a given hypothesis, therefore how a study is conducted, the experimental model that is used.

Of course, the results obtained must be significant for that particular research and consistent with each other, in order to be able to lead to a common conclusion.


How do you maintain a scientific journal?

Specialized scientific journals do not have advertising inside them. For this reason, their income derives only from two types of revenue:

  • by the authors, who are asked to contribute to the publication of their contents;
  • by readers, who must pay an annual subscription to be able to consult all the issues of the magazine, or who wish to read, and therefore buy, a single article in the magazine.

How much does a scientific journal cost?

Annual subscriptions vary widely in price, but are between $ 15 and $ 40 a year for each specialist magazine.

Who buys a scientific journal?

A specialized magazine has a market limited to professionals.



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