Female intimate Hygiene #1 Which underwear to wear?

Female intimate Hygiene #1 Which underwear to wear?

Would you like to have a perfect intimate hygiene? You need to give up a “particular” underwear, or at least reduce it to strict use necessary for the most intriguing situations.

In fact, if we want our intimate hygiene to be optimal and avoid the unpleasant drawbacks of fungal and bacterial infections, for example, lace, multicolor synthetics and embroidery should be left in the drawer! This is because the elements that reduce the probability of proliferation of microorganisms are the breathability of clothing and washability at high temperatures to reduce the amount of germs.

Breathability of clothing

The health of the genital area is in direct relation to the breathability of the garments that cover it. Therefore, materials that do not allow the area to “take air” like synthetic, nylon, etc. should be avoided.

An epidemiological study conducted in Italy in 2003 verified that the use of synthetic underwear is correlated with an increase in the probability of developing candidiasis.


It is therefore necessary to select the use of nylon stockings under the most appropriate circumstances!

Washability at high temperatures

As for washing underwear, if possible it is good to use high temperatures, between 60 and 90 degrees Celsius. This is done to significantly reduce the amount of bacteria and fungi present in the unclean are of the underwear that may unexpectedly proliferate bacteria and fungi. Materials that are not washable at high temperatures are not best for intimate areas. And in this case nylon, lace and embroidery are the main suspects to wear sparingly!

Cotton or silk?

What is the most suitable underwear then for constant use? The two best choices for underwear materials are cotton and silk, they are both breathable. However, taking a more closer look, which of the two is more effective to counter the proliferation of unwanted bacteria or fungi? A study carried out in Italy on women who had a recurrent vulvovaginal candidosis compared traditional silk underwear to cotton, and it showed that women who used silk underwear had less trouble and complications in comparison to those who wore cotton! (https://www.alpretec.com/content/uploads/images/Dermasilk%20Intimo/Studi%20dsi/AbstractCandidosi%20webOK.pdf)

All in all, good news! Even if we renounce nylon, lace and multicolor, we still have silk as our ally, to make ourselves more attractive and at the same time keep us away from the hassles!

Dr. ssa Giulia Fornasier

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