Coronavirus from China: February 3 update

Coronavirus from China: February 3 update

Here’s an update on the situation of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Relevant news as of 02/03/2020:

These days, there has been a lot of news about a virus spreading in China. What is going on? Here are the most relevant news at present.

  • The virus is prevalent in China, however, it is increasingly present in other countries around the world.
  • The first large hospital in the city of Wuhan has been completed, intended to accommodate only patients with Coronavirus, about 1000 places.
  • The second, even larger hospital in Wuhan is also under construction, which will house more than 1000 other patients
  • The Beijing hospital that was built in record time during SARS is undergoing modernization: there is an intention to use it again for Coronavirus cases.
  • Mortality, according to official data, remains around 2.5%, a little more serious than the flu. This figure is still clearly at odds with the huge containment measures implemented by China.
  • It has been found that in some cases, the virus can be transmitted before symptoms appear. The average incubation period appears to be around 10 days.
  • Direct flights to China have been suspended in many countries. Visas for China have also been suspended.
  • Citizens of Italy that visited China are now returning home. One is said to have stayed in China because of fever.
  • The data is NOT CERTAIN. It is based on the estimates of official data released by the Chinese authorities, who are CERTAINLY unable to make real-time estimates of infected, critical, deceased patients. With the situation of chaos imaginable.
  • The first death due to the Coronavirus outside of China has been reported to be a Chinese man who had traveled to the Philippines with his wife, who was also infected. Both were said to have traveled to multiple cities in the Philippines before being admitted to Manila.The patient seemed to be in good health but his situation worsened within 12 hours with fulminant viral pneumonia.
  • The cases in the rest of the world are around 150.
  • Stock exchanges in China are in free fall, considering that the production of the industry in China is currently zero. Consumption is also reduced, so the price of raw materials is falling.
  • In Thailand, the use of a combination of retroviral drugs to treat a patient appears to have been effective in blocking viral replication. Further confirmation is needed in this regard.
  • The common opinion of experts around the world is that the virus will produce a PANDEMIC, which means an epidemic spread to more than 2 continents in the world. Scientists still do not have a perception of the lethality of the virus, while it is certain that it is highly infectious and is transmitted more like influenza than SARS. It is not known what the final lethality of the pandemic will be. Certainly, there will be a different effect of the pandemic between one country and another, depending on the economic resources of each country, which will allow the more or less rapid and effective response to the identification of suspected cases.


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